3 Fun Ways to Use Organic and Natural Mascara as Eyeliner

Besides successfully executing the best razor-sharp, winged eyeliner, there are also three other fun, fancy, and equally mesmerizing ways to wear eyeliner this fall!

Thanks to social media, we’re always being served up endless creative eye makeup eyeliner looks. Even if you’re a stickler for the classic cat- eye eyeliner makeup, there also subtle ways to jazz it up that could just convert you to the creative side, at least once in a while!

We’ve already covered how our fully vegan, organic and natural Liht Organics Infinity Lash Mascara can double as an eyeliner. So before the launch of Dawn to Dusk Liquid Liner dawns on us all, whip out your fully vegan, organic and natural Infinity Lash Mascara and experiment with these 3 fun ways to use organic and natural mascara as eyeliner!

1. Edgy graphic eyeliner with clean lines!

Season after season, edgy graphic eyeliner remains one of the most eye-catching eye makeup looks in the high fashion world, all over the world. Such an edgy, yet simple eye makeup eyeliner look can be tweaked to be more wearable, and is easy to recreate for real life. In fact, the only makeup tool you’ll need is an angled eye makeup eyeliner brush to carve out precise lines you love!

To recreate, dab the eye makeup eyeliner brush into the Infinity Lash Mascara to deposit intense, organic and natural black pigment, then go in and carefully carve out your desired shape. Try simple lines that hug your eyelid space if you’re just starting out!

2. Two- toned, classic cat-eye liner!

This one is for the classic cat-eye liner lovers: one easy way to update classic cat-eyeliner makeup is by experimenting with two different shades of liner! It adds subtle pizzazz to your usual eye makeup eyeliner looks without straying too far from your comfort zone.

Simply rim your upper lash line with the Infinity Lash Mascara and the help of an angled eye makeup eyeliner brush as usual. Then, wipe the angled eye makeup eyeliner brush to remove any traces of pigment and go in with a second color. Carefully trace just above that line and you’re done!

Looking for the perfect color combination to fall in love with? Look no further than our Color-Intense Liquid Lipstick in Sangria! It is a beautiful deep purple that emanates just the right amount of warmth for a seasonal twist on classic cat-eye liner makeup. Finish this two-toned eye makeup look off with a swipe of the same Color-Intense Liquid Lipstick in Sangria on your lips too, if you’d like!

3. Dotted eyeliner that hits the spot!

This last one is for those days when you’re feeling game enough to experiment with your eye makeup eyeliner. Back when the Beatles were all the rage and women wore psychedelic dresses with white platform boots, the natural beauty Twiggy dotted her lower lash line to emphasise her fluttery lashes.

Be like Twiggy; using a pointed (note: not angled!) eye makeup brush, draw several precise dots of intense, yet organic and natural black pigment of the fully vegan Infinity Lash Mascara onto your lower lash line, inner corners of your eye and more!

With fully vegan, organic and natural beauty ingredients such as coffee powder, you can rest assured that no matter how close you bring a pigmented dot to your eye, our Infinity Lash Mascara contains no harmful chemicals that risk your health in any way.

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