5 New Year Resolutions to Make for a Better Life this Decade

It’s officially 2020! And it’s not just another new year, it’s a new decade!

Several days may have already whizzed by, but if you haven’t set your New Year resolutions yet, there has been no better time to start. Here are ideas for 5 New Year resolutions to make for a better life this decade!

1. Bring an end to clutter with “death cleaning”.

‘Death cleaning’ (or döstädning) is Sweden’s answer to the KonMari Method, but with a completely different approach. Instead, it is the tradition of removing unnecessary things from your living spaces so that it is nice and orderly for your loved ones to deal with when you, well, die. It may sound dismal, but it’s really not! Simply put, if you know an item won’t spark a lifetime of joy, toss it!

2. Shop intentionally, not impulsively.

Less stuff, more life: maximise your “death cleaning” efforts by shopping intentionally, not impulsively. It’s also important to think about the impact of your spending habits on our planet. In fact, you could save more (and the planet) by choosing to do a spot of second-hand shopping instead, especially for items such as gently worn pre-loved clothing.
Who knows, you might even score one-of-a-kind vintage gems you’ll love!

3. Take back control of the device(s) stealing your valuable time.

Whether it’s your smartphone or tablet, it’s time to thoroughly cleanse them of the features that zap your productivity. This can include social media applications, so delete those that you spend the most time on. Also, practise discipline to check your work emails a maximum of three times daily. Just because you’re able to log in from anywhere, anytime, doesn’t mean that you should!

4. Carve out some me-time.

You can’t pour from an empty pot; in order to always be there for those we hold near and dear, it’s important to indulge in solo self-care sessions from time to time. This can come in the form of a relaxing and meditative yoga session, relaxing spa massage or even binging on your favourite shows over a weekend!

5. Say “yes” more often!

While there will definitely be instances in which you should say “no” and step back, it’s also important to not let fear dictate your experiences. Say “yes” to that class you’ve been longing to try, say “yes” to a more sustainable way of living, say “yes” to finally making the switch to fully vegan, organic and natural makeup. You’ve got nothing to lose but everything to gain when you confidently say “yes” and grow through such experiences!

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