Read my (statement) lips!

Creating a statement lip is easy. Deciphering what that statement may be, however, is not.

When it comes to your lip makeup product of choice for a first date, you’ll most likely go for lip makeup products in the shade and finish you feel the most comfortable in.

Whether that’s a classic matte red or glossy nude lipstick, did you know that different shades can send different signals? Yes! Color psychology suggests that different colors can have a subtle, yet significant impact on our moods, feelings and even behaviors. The classic red, for example, is thought to be an emotionally charged color associated with romance and passion.

The same could be said about your partner on that exciting first date, then!Are you coming across the strong-willed and independent woman that you are, or unintentionally confusing or closed off? Your lipstick shade of choice could be the reason why he called back or didn’t — the phrase ‘read my lips’ has never been more literal before this!

Whatever your favourite first-date lipstick shade is, read on to know more about what it can say about you!

1. Classic Red

In her book ‘ Survival of the Prettiest’, Nancy Etcoff explains that a classic red lip emanates “youth, nulliparity and vigor of health”. It sends out “emotionally charged signals, and that you’re a bold, confident woman and one in her sexual prime”. This is mostly due to the fact that a classic red lip color mimics the appearance of blood rushing to, and the subsequent swelling of, your lips during sexual arousal. Intentionally or otherwise, it signals to your potential partner that their courtship gestures are more likely to be reciprocated or consummated.

If you’re looking for an organic and natural lip makeup product in a true classic shade of red, you can start with Liht OrganicsMoisture Burst Lip Glaze in Roasted Cherry. For all the potentially steamy smooch sessions you’ll be having, the Color-Intense Liquid Lipstick in Berry Yoghurt is a good option!

2. Pretty Pink

Similar to red, the color pink is often regarded a light-red “associated with love and romance” (Cherry, K 2018). In particular, certain hot pink shades “can be stimulating or even aggravating” (Cherry, K 2018). Yet, lip makeup products in a pink shade are the epitome of innocence, with some heat thrown in. It signals a playful push-pull approach towards dating that may leave your partner in suspense about what you’re really looking for in a relationship. But maybe, you’re not even too sure about that yourself either — and that’s okay! Your potential partner will simply have to understand that it takes a while to get to know you, but when they do, they will win your heart and soul over!

We’re sure that you’ll love these pretty pink shades in Liht Organics’ natural and organic lip makeup product range like the Color-Intense Liquid Lipstick in Strawberry Smoothie, Moisture Burst Lip Glaze in Pink Macaron.

3. Bold Burgundy

Neither red nor pink, with a hint of earthiness, burgundy is an unexpected choice for a first date. Smoky, sensual and intriguing, it reflects an independent, strong and decisive woman who is unwilling to give too much, too soon. Your potential partner will have to step up their game or they may find themselves left without a second date when the night is over!

If you’re feeling game to try rocking a beautiful burgundy statement lip to a first date, venture bravely into the world of Liht Organics’ natural and organic burgundy lip shades, in its makeup product range with no harmful chemicals whatsoever! If you’re a newbie, start with a sheer layer of Liht Organics’ long-lasting Color-Intense Liquid Lipstick in Sangria!

4. Cheerful Coral

If you’re tired of the classic red or too shy to try a bold burgundy lip for a first date, why not give a cheerful pop of a coral a go?Straddling the line between red, pink and orange, coral lip makeup products emanate a bright, happy and uplifting vigor. However, it doesn’t evoke as strong a connotation of everything feminine and girly as pink does. Studies have shown that coral lip makeup products give off the impression of enthusiasm and sociability. Like pretty pinks, lip makeup products in a cheerful coral shade tell your potential partner that you are willing to have some fun and see where it goes!

For a punch of coral with all the organic and natural goodness and no harmful chemicals, have fun experimenting with Liht Organics’ range of beautiful, organic and natural lip makeup products! Opt for the coral-hued shimmer from the Moisture Burst Lip Glaze range in Grapefruit Sorbet or Ginger Glaze!

5. Natural Nude

Lastly, a beautifully modern, natural and organicnude lip is perfect for a first date. It signals to your potential partner that you’re a no-nonsense woman who doesn’t want to play any games or get off on the wrong foot. You value openness and honesty over all else, and it is important that your first date partner understands that. A natural and organicnude lip is the antithesis of a statement lip, yet it is a statement all on its own —“This is me, take me as I am, or not at all.”

Explore Liht Organics’ natural and organic nude lip options such as the Color-Intense Liquid Lipstick in Mocha Latte, or Moisture Burst Lip Glaze in Berry Shimmer for a pinkish nude touch!

Do you think your favourite first-date lipstick shade accurately reflects your personality? Why or why not? Share your thoughts with us! As a highly recommended organic brand in Singapore, Liht Organics’ fully vegan, organic and natural lip makeup product range with no harmful chemicals has an expansive shade range for you to choose from!

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