Your eyes are the windows to your soul – and we want to keep them bright and clean so that you can radiate your inner liht and let your true beauty shine through! With formulations that are intensely pigmented and long lasting, yet easy to remove! Say no to heavy metals and carbon black and say hello to makeup that protects your peepers so your future self will thank you!

Key Ingredients in this range:

Coffee Powder – Found in our Infinity Lash Mascara, natural caffeine compounds in this ingredient help promote better blood circulation so hair follicles are more energize, and lashes grow healthier. It also acts as a natural dye so lashes appear darker and more defined!

Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme Extracts -  This powerful trio is all you need for a boost of antioxidants which keep the delicate skin around the eyes protected from damage by free radicals in the environment, thus slowing down the aging process. They also contain natural antifungal/antibacterial properties so your skin is safe from infections or allergies!

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