Strategic Partners

The Sheikh Office facilitates independent business development, consultancy and advisory to inform and empower you to accelerate growth. We work with Governments, Institutional Funds, Agencies, Corporations, SME’s & Start-ups.
Letter from the chairman
“What we do on an everyday basis and how we achieve our goals speaks about us, it is what defines us. It tells of who we are and the contribution we are striving to make through our work. It shows whether in addition to financial success, we are also looking ambitiously towards the future of our society and the environment.

It is one of our values: Plan Beyond Tomorrow

We utilize our experience and expertise in varied sectors to provide maximum benefit, which encourages repeat patronage and good will from our clients and partners. We look for long term growth by selecting sectors and markets where we see ourselves having a distinctive role, now, and in the future.

The world is currently facing huge and urgent challenges. These challenges require everyone to play their part, both as a company but also as individuals, with a determination to tirelessly seek answers, and a tenacity in knowing that small steps lead to big results.”