[FEATURE] Daily Albayan

Comment from founder, Nerissa Low: Over time, Dubai has gained great importance in the international scene, enabling it to be a prominent and important centre for all companies operating in the cosmetic and beauty sector seeking to find a foothold in the city, which has become a destination for all stars in the fields of arts, and culture. Dubai is the place for celebrities from various industries as well, looking forward to succeeding and establishing their businesses here.

For us, at Liht Organics, Dubai is an important market for our organic cosmetics, in light of the high percentage of women who care a lot about their beauty and especially health, who are in search of innovative organic and safe products that suit their clean and healthy lifestyle, aspirations and social status. Women in Dubai are seen as global trend setters.

Our brand chose Dubai as its main headquarters due to the city's strategic location, robust infrastructure and easy access to the country's main neighbouring towns and countries, which prompts us to consider it a true gateway to the region.