[FEATURE] Daily Vanity: 11 local beauty brands owned by women – you’d be surprised how many of them started in their kitchens!

When we give a shout-out to homegrown beauty businesses, we aren’t just doing it for the sake of supporting local. These women-owned beauty brands are making quality skincare, body care, and makeup products available to us, even as they’re showing us that, really, women can do anything they put their minds to.

Many of these #girlbosses kickstarted their businesses because of the (frustrating) gaps that they spotted in their own skincare routines. And, inspiringly, the dream to bring beauty products to the market started, for many, in these women’s own kitchens – as they were mixing up natural ingredients to try on their own skin.

From humble kitchens to as far as past our borders, these local beauty brands and the women behind them have never been more deserving of the spotlight than this International Women’s Day!

  1. Sabrina Tan – Skin Inc
  2. Talisa Poh – Klynn Beauty
  3. Lynsey Lim – Handmade Heroes
  4. Hann Chia – Fawn Labs
  5. Mandy T – Mandy T Skincare
  6. Pauline Ng – Porcelain
  7. Lily Kew – Kew Organics
  8. Hayley Teo – Rooki Beauty
  9. Hildra Gwee – Oasis: Skin
  10. Cheryl Ou and Germaine Monteiro – The Nail Social
  11. Nerissa Low – Liht Organics

Nerissa Low – Liht Organics

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We’ve introduced an assortment of local skincare brands, but Liht Organics is the first homegrown makeup label we’re featuring in our list.

The promise of Liht Organics? “Organic makeup that’s safe enough to eat”. All the ingredients in the brand’s formulations are 100% natural and up to 90% of the ingredients are USDA-certified organic.

From creamy liquid foundations to rosy blushes, Liht Organics makeup products are designed, not just to make your skin look good, but to be good on your skin too.

The brainchild of Nerissa Low, Liht Organics began because its founder was searching for a solution to her own acne problems. When the oral medication and steroid injections she was taking for her acne caused her more health issues, Nerissa turned to organic skincare alternatives.

Her search for organic skincare turned out to be challenging: not every product was effective or truly “clean”. She was, therefore, inspired to create her own organic products, so women can choose beauty without compromising on health and safety. That was how Liht Organics was formed.


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What to try?

The Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation is a lightweight foundation that feels super comfy on the skin and lends the skin renewed radiance each time.

It’s also rich in antioxidants and made with a natural blend of aloe barbadensis, vanilla extract, oregano extract, and thyme extract.

Even though founder Nerissa Low doesn’t recommend you try this at home, she demonstrated just how safe and natural the product is by swiping the Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation onto her tongue!

The Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation retails at S$72 on Liht Organics. You can also get the trial-size Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation Trial Pen for S$15 on the website.

Featured image credit: Vogue Beauty Secrets/YouTube, Handmade Heroes



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