By Nerissa Low, Founder of Liht Organics

While clothes, accessories, and hair are important; makeup probably has the biggest role to play in order to ensure you nail your look.
Nerissa Low, Founder of organic makeup brand Liht Organics, shares some exclusive tips on how to get your makeup right this summer:

Knowing your skin type and choosing the best foundation formula for it is a sure way to help you achieve that flawless, radiant base. Drier skin types require more nourishing formulas while oiler or more sensitive skin types require something less rich.

Now that you know which formula works best, the most important step is matching the right shade to your skin. A simple way to find your perfect shade is to swatch two to three shades of foundation along your jawline and your forehead and blend it out slightly. The shade that “disappears” into your skin is the correct shade for you.

Quite often, women only use one shade of concealer for both concealing and brightening which results in unsatisfactory results in achieving perfect-looking skin. Pick a shade that’s one tone warmer than your complexion if you’re looking for any redness or blemishes. The trick is to apply your concealer with a brush to build the coverage you need and then blend around the edges with your fingers to melt the product seamlessly in with the rest of your makeup.

To highlight and lift under the eyes, go for a shade or two brighter than your skin tone and apply under the eyes in a triangular shape, ending just above the cheekbones. Blend out the edges with a sponge or your fingers to melt the product into your makeup. Complete your base with a little contouring to add dimension back to your features.