[FEATURE] PRESTIGE - Liht Organics creates makeup so natural you can almost eat them

NAFEESA SAINI Associate Online Editor

Sustainability is the way forward, be it dining, travel, or even beauty. Beauty brands are now going green and mainstream companies are pledging to produce cruelty-free and vegan products. While natural skincarebrands are on the rise in Singapore, organic and natural cosmetics are few and far in between. Liht Organics is one of the exceptions.

Liht in Liht Organics is the abbreviation for Living In Her Time, and refers to daylight and the power of vision in Middle English. Founder Nerissa Low created the brand based on a personal need:

“I used to have really bad acne and had to be on Oratane and have my pimples injected with steroids every month. My skin cleared up only after I made the switch to go organic. I wanted to look for organic makeup too, but couldn’t find authentic, quality ones. That’s why I decided to start my own.”

Nerissa Low, Founder

Good for your skin, and the earth

Aside from being vegan and cruelty-free (two criteria that have quickly become the norm for today’s cosmetics brand), Liht Organics’ products contain up to 90 percent certified organic ingredients, and does not consist of synthetics, parabens, or nano-particles. It’s also free of talc — an ingredient that doesn’t just enlarge your pores, it is also linked to ovarian cancer.

Additionally, each Liht Organics product is packed with herbal and fruit extracts. In fact, we were repeatedly told that the products are all pure enough to be eaten. At the official media launch, we heard from a brand rep who half-jokingly admitted to stirring some in her coffee that very morning. But Liht Organic products aren’t just great for skin; it is also doing its part to save the earth. Its pressed products, such as its powders and eyeshadows, are refillable in a bid to cut down on package wastage.

Organic makeup that actually delivers

While the industry has seen a proliferation of high performance and natural makeup brands, local makeup offerings have a long way to catch up, particularly organic ones. Non-toxic makeup brands traditionally have to compromise on the variety of colour or texture — minuscule shade ranges with poor colour payoff and staying power.

Liht Organics packs a punch when it comes to pigmentation. Singapore makeup artist Grego was present at the launch to prove just how pigmented the products are. The Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation, for instance, offers a fuller coverage, and can be easily built on. Likewise, the Colour-Intense Liquid Lipstick boasts a lustre and luxurious texture comparable to its more commercial counterparts.

With Liht Organics, Low aims to encourage her buyers to be kinder to themselves and the environment, and to take a more active stance on what they put on their face. The brand also aims to participate in workshops to empower women and underprivileged communities.

Shop Liht Organics at ASTIQUE, The Aesthetic Clinic, and online at www.lihtorganics.com

Taken from Prestige Beauty & Wellness