[FEATURE] MOTHER, BABY & CHILD Editor's Pick - Liht Organics Lights the Way

Excited to be the MotherBaby & Child’s ‘Editors pick’ for their choice of Beauty brand.
The article outlined the reasons why we are the ideal choice for your new skin resolutions and why now is the ideal moment to embrace the power of pure, natural, and environmentally friendly products.
Liht Organics stands for environmentally friendly, clean, and all-natural makeup that conceals while also healing your skin with natural ingredients.


Here, I share my January beauty picks for happy, natural curls and organic makeup that promises to help your skin look its very best for the year ahead.

As we welcome a new year, I can’t help but muse that it’s a perfect time to make new skin resolutions to ourselves and embrace the power of clean, natural and sustainable products! I spend a lot of time searching for clean skincare, but this month I want to focus on makeup that is good for our skin health and our planet.


For many of us, makeup plays a part in our beauty practices, whether you like to wear it every day or just on special occasions. Good quality, affordable products that agree with our skin is what we all tend to be in need of. So… let me introduce you to Liht Organics, a sustainable clean makeup brand.

Options for everyone

Their aim is to provide a luxurious experience with every application. You can choose from a wide range of shades, each of which are high performance, intensely pigmented, ultra-nourishing and guilt-free, allowing you to express yourself in every mood and season. For those of you that are worried that going organic means compromising on colour options, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the extensive colour palette Liht Organics has to offer.

Ethical, healthy and high quality

Choosing this gorgeous brand guarantees that you are investing in your long term health, by using quality products made with a high percentage of certified organic ingredients, no nano-particles or harmful chemicals, and always non-toxic, vegan, cruelty free and sourced through ethical means.

Keeping the planet happy

Through advocating the use of organic and natural makeup, Liht Organics fosters a nurturing relationship with our planet, so we get to look and feel healthy and beautiful, while looking after the wellbeing of our earthly home - all of which sounds good to me! Liht Organics is also about empowering women and mums to live fully, encouraging you to use makeup as a tool to express yourself in the multiple roles that you play every day - as a mother; a daughter; a wife; a career woman; a humanitarian - but most importantly as your own woman, unlimited by society’s definitions and expectations. Therefore, it is their mission to equip you with the safest, best makeup products to express the many sides of yourself that make you feel confident, alive and beautiful, inside and out.

Heal while you conceal

This award-winning organic makeup is not just safe and beneficial for your skin and body, but can also heal and improve your complexion with regular use! So step into the new year looking and feeling like your best self, knowing that you're doing it responsibly. By opting for authentic organic products, not only are you choosing better for your skin but better for the environment too!

Shop their range of colour intense liquid lipsticks, concealers and foundations, lash-enhancing mascaras and more at all FACES and April Beauty stores in the UAE or online at www.lihtorganics.ae.