3 Organic and Natural DIY Beauty Hacks to Deal with Summer Sweat

Summer is here!

We’ve officially reached the longest season of the year: sweat season. By this time, you should have thoroughly cleansed your makeup bag (if you haven’t, here’s a refresher), as well as swapped several makeup products for cruelty free, fully vegan, organic and natural alternatives from Liht Organics.

However, even the best of us — and our makeup — don’t stand a chance against the rising temperature. From the skin on your face to your body, prevent sweaty meltdowns with our top 3 organic and natural DIY beauty hacks!

1. Scrub ‘a dub with a cup of joe!

Making your own scrub is one of the best organic and natural summer beauty hack in the books. Our organic and natural concoction requires coffee grounds — the perfect wake-me-up call for endless summer days! Unlike harmful chemicals such as plastic microbeads, organic and natural coffee grounds will neither clog your pores nor the waterways. Its sand-like texture will also help to gently slough off dead skin cells, revealing a fresh base for your summer makeup and body skincare products to stay put all day long!

To make this easy scrub, combine 3 tablespoons of fresh coffee grounds (preferably ethically sourced and fully vegan) with 1 tablespoon of organic and natural oil of your choice (e.g. extra virgin olive or coconut) and a dash of brown sugar. Mix well, then spread it all over your face and exfoliate in circular motions. Increase the measurements accordingly if you’re going to use it on the body as well!

2. Prime for sweat-free makeup with organic and natural aloe vera!

Traditional makeup primers often contain potentially harmful chemicals
(e.g. silicone) that “fill” in” and minimize pores for base makeup products to lay on top of. This imparts an airbrushed finish that many women love. However, fully vegan, organic and natural aloe vera has a similar, if not the exact same finish. It is also a superb organic and natural way to cool down the skin as the temperatures rise to prevent inflammation!

You can purchase fully vegan, organic and natural aloe vera gel from your nearest health food store. Spread a thin layer on face and wait a minute for it to dry before applying any type of base makeup product. Liht OrganicsYouth Elixir Liquid Foundation is formulated using aloe barbedensis (the most nourishing species of aloe vera) leaf juice as a base, so it definitely packs a double whammy of this skin-nourishing organic and vegan ingredient!

3. Freeze aloe vera gel for an organic and natural summer soother!

Fully vegan, organic and natural aloe vera gel in its various forms is the savior of sweat season. It works even better when frozen into ice cubes to conveniently soothe sunburns, refresh your makeup and more!

To prepare, squeeze fully vegan, organic and natural aloe vera gel into ice cube trays. Pop them into the freezer until they turn solid (2-3 days). To use, wrap an ice cube or two in a thin cotton handkerchief or gauze and massage it onto areas of your skin that are feeling particularly hot.

Pro tip: To refresh your makeup, blot any areas on your face with excess oil build-up first. Place a gauze-wrapped ice cube on these areas, but do not massage in circular motions! You definitely don’t want any of makeup rubbing off! Allow it to rest on these areas for five minutes or so before you dab away any excess water. Dust some setting powder on these areas after for extra makeup longevity!

Try out these 3 organic and natural DIY beauty hacks to deal with summer sweat, and let us know how you go! If you have any of your own hacks, share them with us by tagging #LihtOrganics across our social media channels!

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