3 Tips to Keep Your Foundation from Running During Exercise

Makeup is a personal choice, and that includes wearing it to the gym. Healthy, naturally flushed skin is often the name of the game, but it can be difficult if your usual foundation is running faster than you can on the treadmill. It’s important to note other factors in the mix such as perspiration released that your body eliminates through the skin — the body’s largest organ!

If you’re looking to prevent an unpleasant mixture of perspiration, makeup and clogged pores on your skin, read on for our top 3 tips to keep your foundation from running during exercise!

1. Ace your base!

All skin types will benefit from a proper cleanse before (and after) a workout. Like your makeup, avoid harmful chemicals by knowing what are the ingredients to avoid in skincare and opting for fully vegan, organic and natural skincare products instead! Use a gentle, oil-free cleanser with no harmful chemicals to banish any bacteria from potentially invading open pores. Finish off the cleanse with a refreshing splash of cold water to naturally tighten up pores, and reinvigorate your skin to set yourself up for success!

2. Kiss moisturizer goodbye !

You have the permission to do so — for now. For your
pre-workout makeup and skincare routine, you can skip out on the usual moisturizing step. In fact, layering on too many highly moisturizing
makeup and skincare products can be counter-productive and cause more makeup smudging than you’d like during exercise. A light layer of our nourishing, non-comedogenic Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation will suffice as even if the coverage fades away, it will fade naturally sans the streaking. Made with an Aloe Barbadensis base, it also douses the skin with organic and natural hydration to see you through even the longest and toughest workouts!

3. Spot-conceal with foundation only!

The best way to achieve a healthy natural beauty that stands up to even the toughest workouts is through targeted spot-concealing with our vegan and 90% organic Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation. The key lies in carefully picking shade of our Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation that matches your exact skin tone — a shade that errs too light will highlight imperfections, while a darker shade will make you look sallower.

Begin with a pea-sized amount of our high-coverage Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation on the back of your hand. Using the warmth of your ring finger, gently melt the makeup product and tap it into any discolored areas and across the surface of any blemish. Packed with Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, it primes your skin perfectly for smudge-free running sessions, yoga stretches and more!

Need help with selecting the perfect shade? Reach out to us here and we’d be happy to guide you along with recommendations for your perfect shade!

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We promise that our fully vegan, organic and natural makeup products are perfectly safe for you, your skin during exercise and the planet.

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