This month and every month, you dew you.

Dewy, organic and natural beauty is a makeup look that never goes out of style.

From honey skin to glass skin, beautifully dewy, organic and natural makeup looks are more than a passing fad in the vibrant world of Korean beauty. However, these skincare and makeup routines often consist of 10 steps and upward!

Ironically, such natural-looking skin can often be prepped with skincare and makeup products that contain toxic, harmful chemicals. On the flipside, when skin is quickly prepped with Liht Organics’ fully vegan and organic skincare-packed makeup products, it forms the perfect base for any makeup look, or featuring your first-date lipstick shade of choice to keep his eyes fixated on your kissable, plump pout all day!

If you’re strapped for time like most of us are, you don’t want to spend too much time on achieving this. Glow on to read more about the multi-tasking Liht Organics makeup product superstars that can help you achieve dewy, natural and organic skin in five minutes flat!

1. Anti-Aging BB Cream

If you’re pressed for time in the mornings or are quite the jetsetter, the Liht Organics Anti-Aging BB Cream is an all-in-one solution for organic and natural beauty looks! This fully vegan, organic and natural makeup product functions as your moisturizer, primer, concealer and sunblock in one. Yet, its lightweight, non-clogging formula hydrates, never dehydrates. With a pump or two of the Anti-Aging BB Cream, quickly use the warmth of your fingertips to melt the creamy, fully vegan, organic and natural formula into your complexion. If you’d like, you can mix in a couple drops of your own skincare product containing organic and natural oils for maximum dewiness!

2. All-Day Perfection Foundation

With a sheer layer of Liht OrganicsAnti-Aging BB Cream as your all-in-one moisturizer, primer and concealer, skip the powder for maximum dewiness. However, if you’re craving a more matte finish with a touch of sun protection, the All-Day Perfection Foundation is perfect for hard-hitting coverage in the areas where you need it, if that’s more up your alley!

3. Sheer Radiance Blush

We’ll let you in on a secret multi-tasking, natural beauty tip:you can use the Sheer Radiance Blush as a blush and a natural eyeshadow! Aligning the colors on both your cheeks and lids are a sure-fire way to effortless natural and organic beauty. Simply swirl a fluffy blush brush into Liht OrganicsSheer Radiance Blush and dust it over your cheeks. Once you’re done, quickly tap a small eyeshadow or blending brush and blend the color into your lids, too!

4. Infinity Lash Mascara in Black Tourmaline

We’ll let you in on another natural and organic pro tip we have up our sleeves: Liht Organics’s Infinity Lash Mascara in Black Tourmaline can serve as a fantastic fully vegan, natural and organic mascara and surprise, a tinted brow mascara! A natural and organic tinted brow mascara will provide you with naturally full and fluffed-up “I-woke-up-like-this” arches. Using a clean mascara brush, lightly comb a little of Liht OrganicsInfinity Lash Mascara in Black Tourmaline (we do not recommend using the actual mascara wand from the pot) through your brows before proceeding to frame your peepers with generous lashings — talk about a true time saver!

5. Moisture Burst Lip Glaze

By now, you would be probably running down to less than a few seconds before you must begin your day. For the finishing touches on your dewy, organic and natural beauty look, up the ante by wrapping your puckers in a juicy layer of Liht OrganicsMoisture Burst Lip Glaze!

Don’t fret, be generous! Liht Organics’ organic and natural Moisture Burst Lip Glaze and the other vegan lips and cheeks makeup products contain no harmful chemicals that you may swallow unknowingly! Try a natural and organic nude shade such as Ginger Glaze or Berry Shimmer!

For us at Liht Organics, a Singapore-based organic and natural makeup brand, organic and natural beauty is a way of life. Our high-performing, organic and natural makeup formulations cater to the ever-evolving needs of the #LihtWoman.

Explore Liht Organics’ fully vegan, organic and natural makeup products that contain no harmful chemicals! It only serves to enhance your dewy natural beauty for the world to see! Check out the full line-up of our organic and natural beauty range here now.