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Organic & All-Natural Ingredients | Vegan | Cruelty-Free | Free of SLS & Parabens

The time has come to pamper yourself with the ultimate act of self-care! Bask in glorious scents as you soak up the healing properties and positive vibes of precious crystals, and escape to an ethereal oasis where you can embrace your fullest potential!

Made with Love, Liht, and a dash of Magic, these luxurious soap bars promise bath times fit for a goddess!



Let the good vibes of Green Aventurine bring you serenity and healing as you sail away on crystal clear waters with the refreshing scent of Sea Breeze!

No other scent transports you to a cool day out by the ocean as quickly as Sea Breeze, working in tandem with Green Aventurine to lift your mood and open your senses to inspiration and creativity. All you need now is to take that morning shower, and the possibilities of your day are endless!

Green Aventurine - The Stone of Opportunity

Did You Know?
A legend from ancient Tibet says that Green Aventurine was used to improve nearsightedness and to increase the wearer's creativity.

Healing Properties:
Stimulates the Adrenal Glands, Fosters physical healing, Strengthens the heart

Aids in decision making, Improves focus and boosts creativity, Reduces anxiety and obsessive thoughts

Strengthens the sense of purpose, Facilitates success in career, Attracts prosperity and good luck


Some brands market themselves as ‘Organic’ or ‘Natural’ but in actual fact only include a small percentage of these ingredients.

At Liht, the non-negotiable promise is to provide truly organic makeup that is safe enough to eat - made with a high percentage of organic ingredients (up to 90%!) and ZERO nanoparticles or harmful & synthetic chemicals!


Liht is Leaping Bunny Approved! We LOVE animals so rest assured we do not (and will never) engage in animal testing!

 100% Natural Ingredients

Our formulations are free of harmful & synthetic chemicals, and we use only the best that nature has to offer for your skin!

Sustainably Sourced

We engage in ethical sourcing of our ingredients to ensure both the planet and our partners receive the fairest outcome!

90% USDA Certified Organic

Our products contain up to 90% USDA-certified organic ingredients, so you can trust that you are using truly organic makeup!


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Why Go Organic?

Did you know that an average woman comes into contact with about 168 different chemicals everyday? And these chemicals are not just from makeup, it's from the basic products we use on a daily basis!

Some of the common harmful chemicals found in traditional, non-organic soaps are Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), and potassium hydroxide, a metal hydroxide, is used to create liquid soaps . SLS is a common cause for skin irritations and allergic reactions, especially if you have sensitive skin.
Parabens in soap is also used as preservatives to prolong the shelf life, and is known to be a hormone disruptor that negatively affects fertility and reproductive organs. They also increase risk of developing certain types of cancer!

Organic soap is made from natural ingredients and doesn't contain harsh chemicals, making it gentler on the skin. It uses natural preservatives and helps reduce exposure to harmful substances, promoting healthier skin. Be aware of daily product ingredients, especially during showering, to ensure your skin gets gentle, nourishing protection every day.

Why Choose Liht's Organic Soap Bars?

Liht Organics’ Goddess Bath Bars are not only great for your skin with their organic coconut oil soap bases that nourish and keep your skin soft and supple, we also ensure that we use petroleum-free natural fragrance oils to ensure that there are no harmful effects to you and your family!
The lovely crystals infuse the bars with healing and calming properties to bring you the most rejuvenating bath time experiences. This also encourages sustainability to encourage no wastage as you get to keep the crystals when the bar is fully utilised! We even took one step further to ensure that we only use ethically sourced mica and biodegradable glitter to protect the people and the planet.
Achieve the most healthy-looking skin with gorgeous soaps made especially for sensitive skin! With a base made from organic coconut oil,, our bath bars nourishes and heals damaged skin, and is infused with the natural healing properties from real crystals!


*Coconut Oil, *Palm Oil, *Safflower Oil, Glycerin (Plant Based), Purified Water, Sorbitol, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Stearate, All-Natural Fragrance Oil. May contain Sucrose & Ethically Sourced Mica